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Paul Gotsis - Soccer Conditioning Coach Asteras Tripolis fc Super League Greece

Κυριακή, 2 Δεκεμβρίου 2018

HIITraining in Soccer Sample (14) Potenza Metabolica (Metabolic Power Training)

Metodologia Lavoro Integrata ( Integrated Training )

Moreover, training methods we could use in our daily training
process are:
1) Traditional training, where the priority is the development of one target (physical, technical or tactical),
2) Integrated training, where physical,technical and tactical targets are developed together by using ball and
3) Systemic training (Tactical Periodization), where our Game Model is the reference
when designing a drill or session.
All my last proposal mainly concerned with this model of training ,which is the most common in today's football.

Small Sided Game 4v4 plus Technical Circuit 

All'interno del campo si sviluppa una partita 4Vs4 con le 4 porte.(30x25 or 30x40)
All'esterno del campo invece si sviluppano due esercitazioni tecniche e coordinative differenti.
Esercizio 1:Slalom tra i coni, aggiro il cinesino rosso ed eseguo scaletta, salto a piedi uniti all'interno di ogni cerchio e mi metto in fila.
Esercizio 2:Conduzione palla fino al cono, cambio di senso e conduzione palla fino al cinesino giallo, trasmetto palla al compagno e di scatto aggiro il cinesino rosso e salto gli ostacoli a piedi uniti. Infine slalom largo tra paletti e mi metto in fila.

Inside the field there is a 4Vs4 game with 4 doors. ( 30x25 or 30x40 )
Outside the camp there are two different technical and coordinating exercises.
Exercise 1:Slalom between the cones, around the red cone and run to the ladder, jump on with one foot in each circle and go back of the line.
Exercise 2:Dribbling with the ball up to the red cone, change of direction and dribble back to the yellow cone, pass the ball to the next teammate and run around the red cone  and jump the obstacles both with the 2 feet , finally slalom wide between poles and I go back to the starting position.

Series : 2-4 each exercise
Duration : 4v4  3-4’minute
Duration Physical Circuit ( 2 exercises ) : 3-4’min
Total Duration : 6-8 x3-4’min    (4x3-4’min 4v4  - 4x3-4’min Physical Circuit )

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