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Paul Gotsis - Soccer Conditioning Coach Asteras Tripolis fc Super League Greece

Παρασκευή, 17 Ιουλίου 2015

Scientific Approach :Comparison 5 different methods to improve the Aerobic Capacity-Anaerobic Lactate Threshold

table 5 trainings

5 Methods to improve the Aerobic Capacity

1.45'Long Steady Distance (LSD) : 45'min continuous ,with intensity 65%Vo2max or 70% HRmax
2.15'':15'' sec Interval : 24 repetitions of 15'' at 87,5%VO2max or 90-95% HRmax with interval between the repetitions 15''-60%VO2max  or 60-70%HRmax (Total work 47x15''sec)
3.24.5'min running at Lactate Threshold (LT): running for 24,5'min with intensity 80%VO2max or 85%HRmax
4.4x4'min Interval :4 repetitions 87.5%VO2max or 90-95% HRmax with interval between repetitions 3'min 60%VO2max or 60-70% HRmax
5.22,17 Long Quick Distance : Continuous running 22,17min 87.5%VO2max or 90-95%HRmax.

Method :55 athlets with moderate endurance (M.Average VO2max 58ml/kg/min ) 25 years old seperate in 4 groups.All made 3 trainings per week for 8 weeks in a treadmill with slope +5.3%.All the trainings except the LSD starts with 10'min warm up in 60%VO2max or 70%HRmax  and with cool down 3'min at 60%VO2max or 70%HRmax.

What is worth to keep from all over equalization process of training protocols is that the joint unit called comparison Trimp (Training Impulse) and mainly relates to the work produced in each workout, the time it takes and the stroke volume of the heart function.

Results :The researchers found that high-intensity interval training, be it the 15 '' / 15 '' or the 4x4'min  is significantly more effective than the middle and low intensity training in improving the VO2max.The first conclusion is that the intensity improves quicker aerobic capacity in relation to the duration.More specifically VO2max improved 5.5%  for the athletes who follow the method 15'':15'' and 7.3% those who carried out the method 4x4'min .The improvement in Stroke Volume (SV) which is a parameter directly related to the VO2max increasead by10% in two.
It is worth to complement the study finds that the workouts 15 '' / 15 '' and 4x4'min had higher production project entails greater energy consumption.which results in burning more calories per hour of training.
Article Runner Magazine :Title "Which is the best method ?" Kostikiadis Giannis ,Recreation Fitness Team  based in a recently Scientific approach by J.F.Moxness and K.Hausken ,Adv.Studies Theor.Phys,Vol6,2012,no 19,931-957.

***My opinion,Paul Gotsis (Professional Fitness Coach ):  I believe that this article is directly applicable in today's modern football.I believe that the method of 4 'has very good fit at the beginning of preparation and during the season .The method can used with the interval to be active or passive (3'). Also we can gradually add more 5 or 6 repetitions of 4'min with 3'min recovery.I think that we have a big improvement and in the Lactate Threshold with this method.
Later in the second and third stage of the preparation  we can  used the method 15''-15 '' or 20''-20'' or 10''-10'' to improve and more the Anaerobic Lactic Acid mechanism.In this method we seperate the players in base of the vVo2max in contrast with the method 4x4'min in which we seperate the players based on the ALT.
Then we will come back with an article on intermittent method 10''-10'',15''-15'',20''-20'',30''-30''.