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Paul Gotsis - Soccer Conditioning Coach Asteras Tripolis fc Super League Greece

Σάββατο, 22 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

Σάββατο, 13 Οκτωβρίου 2012

"The contaminated soda '

Former Olympiacos Fc, Luciano Galletti revealed that the kidney problem was created in 1997 by damaged soda. The Argentine also said that the incident with the baking soda when he was struggling with the U-20 in his country. Then pointed out that in the last game with Olympiacos struggled with 20 pressure.

"In 1997 I was with the national team U-20 Argentina to Mexico. Drank soda with ice, but the water was contaminated. Afflicted with flu and sore throat vigorously me something that led to kidney failure.

To avoid the risk of ruptured kidney decided to quit football. As soon as the match ended, the next day I realized that I could not play again. In the last game I struggled (against Larissa in January 2010) had 20 pressure which is very dangerous, "said the 32-year old former Olympic ace.

As for his future after successful kidney transplant from his father, said: "The doctors encouraged me to fight again. They gave me motivation for surgery. I'll try to come back in one month. This will certainly happen with Estudiantes. "

Former Argentina midfielder Matías Almeyda in doping and fixing claims

River Plate's coach, Matías Almeyda, has made allegations about doping and fixing during his playing career.
The former Parma midfielder Matías Almeyda has made astonishing revelations about match-fixing and doping in Italy in his autobiography.
The former Argentina international, in his book Almeyda: Life and Soul, claims he was given what he now believes were drugs while at the Serie A club between 2000 and 2002.
"At Parma we were given an IV drip before games," Almeyda said, in extracts printed by the Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport. "They said it was a mixture of vitamins but before entering the field I was able to jump up as high as the ceiling.
"Players do not ask questions but then in the following years there are cases of former players dying from heart problems, suffering from muscular issues and more. I think it is the consequence of the things that have been given to them."
One of the biggest shocks of the book, especially following the latest match-fixing scandal to hit Italian football, is Almeyda's revelations that Roma players asked their Parma counterparts to throw a decisive match between the two clubs at the end of the 2000-01 season. Roma won 3-1 and edged out Juventus for the Serie A title.
"Some Parma team-mates told us that the Roma players wanted us to lose the game. That as we weren't playing for anything, it was the same," said the River Plate manager. "I said no and the majority responded that way. But on the field I saw that some were not running as they always did. So I asked to be substituted and went into the changing room. Money? I do not know, they called it a favour."
Almeyda also played for Lazio, Internazionale, Milan and Brescia. He acknowledges that he struggled with alcohol during his time at Inter. "Throughout my career I smoked 10 cigarettes a day. Alcohol was also a problem. I burned everything off in training but I lived on the limits," Almeyda said. "Once in Azul, my country, I drank five litres of wine, like Coca Cola, and I ended up in some kind of coma. To try to get it out of my system I ran five kilometres until I saw the sun spinning.
"A doctor put me on a drip for five hours. It would have been a scandal as at the time I was playing for Inter. When I woke up and I saw my whole family around the bed, I thought it was my funeral."

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Core Strength Training Part 3

Core Strength Training Part 3
2 Combined Core Strength Programs
A.4 Exercises
2.Isometric Squat
3.Side to Side Box Shuffle
4.4 Jumps Plyometrics
B.3 Exercises
1.Step up on Box with Bar
2.Side Step up on Box (Concentrics)
3.Side Jumps on Hurdles 

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Core Strength Training Part 2

High Performance Training For Soccer
Over 50 Exellent exercises for Core Strength Training.
Modern Funcional Exercises :Squats,Box Jumps,Lunges,Plank etc
We start to work these exercises from the 3rd week in the Preparation Period and we continue all the year .
topformfitness channel

Core Strength Training Part 1

Preparation Period-Italian Style Training
Combination with Strength -Flexibility and Stability Exercises
These Exercises working more the Hamstrings (Biceps-Gluteus-Calves) which are the most important muscles for the Soccer player.
I Start to work all these exercises in Skoda Xanthi (SuperLeague Greece) from the 3rd Week in the Preparation Period.
Date :05.05.2011
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Salsomaggiore Terme 16-17 Giugno 2012 
"Scienza &Calcio :la ricerca applicata all'allenamento"
Direzioni: Feretto Feretti  ,Coordinamento Organizzato:Ulrike Wachlter
Sezione ricerca :Marco Narici ,Carlo Castagna,Ermanno Rampinini,Gia Nikola Bisciotti,Danilo Manari
Sezione Campo:Rafel Pol Campanelas (Allenatore fisico della Roma),Giuseppe Pondrelli (Allenatore fisico del Napoli),Matia Toffoluti (Allenatore fisico del Cagliari)
Paul Gotsis attended the Conference with the Translator , Katsampoulas Antonios
Selected Slides from the Conference
Sabato 16 Giugno 2012
Marco Narici
Ermanno Rampinini
Giuseppe Pondrelli (Allenatore Fisico SCC Napoli)

Domenica 17 Giugno 2012

Danilo Manari
Rafael Pol Cabanellas (Allenatore fisico AS ROMA)
Carlo Castagna 
Photo 1
Gian Nicola Bisciotti
Photo 2 (Scientific approach for Injuries)
Mattia Toffolutti (Allenatore fisico Cagliari )
Core Training from Mattia Toffolluti

Results from the Conference
Critical Points from Fitness Coach Paul Gotsis 

1.Enough training methods to improve the  Anaerobic Threshold .
2.Disagree which is better the Aerobic training with the ball or without ball.
3.The best method for working especially in the anaerobic threshold is 4x4'min with 3'min Rest 90-95%Fcmax-Rest 60-70%Fcmax
4.Which ise better Concentric or Eccentric training .The most of them believe eccentric training.
5.Different type Microcycle like the mikrocycle in Greece .The day off in Italy is always on Monday.We put the rehabilitation training on Monday and Day-off is on Tuesday.
6.A muscle that do not train for 3 months may be losing some of the hypertrophy, but may recover by receiving the appropriate stimulus ratio of muscle memory.
7.The Neuro-Muscular fatigue is biggest if we have intermittent exercise and not coninuous exercise.

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Functional Core Stability Preparation Period (3)

Gainage pour et footballeur
Gaillaud Michel (Auteur),Pauly Olivier (Auteur),Prefaces :Gerard Houller (Auteur) Directeur Technique
National &Didier Drogba (Auteur)
More Complex Exercises for Functional Core Stability,level 2 and 3 in Core Stability Exercises
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Functional Core Stability Preparation Period (2)

Professor : Francesco Cioffarelli (Pomezia Calcio )
Date:03.05.2010 Pomezia,Roma-Italia
2o Corso :II Tema del corso era lo "Sviluppo del gesto tecnico applicato in situazione di difesa"con acceni sulla "Core Stability " ed "Esercitazioni con Palla Medica "
Place :Centro Olimpia

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Functional Core Training-Muscle Anatomy

Plank Core Training

Functional Strength Training -Plank Core Training
3D Muscle Anatomy for Core Training especially for the Plank Core Training
For better Undrerstanding the utility of the Core Training Exercises.

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Functional Core Training

ADHering Futsal Club,Portugal
Preparatore fisico :Adriano Nei
Fisioterapeyta :Anderson Pereira
Exercicia de Fortalecimento de musculatura Core
neiadriano channel
We can utilize these exercises in the first-second week in the Preparation Period and inside in the Season.

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Strength and Proprioception Exercises

Top 3 Knee Exercises To Prevent Injury
As a basketball coach and a strength coach the most common injuries are knee, ankle, and shoulders
These 3 exercises should be done on a daily basis to strengthen the VM which will give the knee more stability
Knee Prehab:
MB Leg Extensions (tempo= 2,1,2) 3x10
One Legged Box Squat 3x10 each leg
Treadmill back pedal on incline, 8 minutes

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Core Stability in Preparation Period (1)

Milan AC Serie A'

Place :Millanelo Sports Center (Milano)
Period :Preparation
Coach :Massimiliano Allegri
In the first part of the preparation,especially in the morning trainings we are working more in aerobic capacity and on Strength. Core Stability exercises (Front Plank-Side Plank-Back Plank and variations) are introductory and the most popular exercises to improve the Kraft -Power of the players.These exercises used and for Injury Prevention.

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Core Stability Training





Circuito Forza Preventivo

Professor Maurizio di Renzo -Preparatore Atletico US LECCE
Universita di Scienze Motorie,Bologna 04.05.2011
l prof. Di Renzo preparatore atletico del Lecce è stato ospite della facoltà di Scienze Motorie di Bologna per una lezione teorico pratica sulla metodologia di allenamento. Dopo la parte in aula ha presentato nella palestra dell'università un circuito preventivo di forza funzionale che poi gli studenti hanno sperimentato.
Grazie alla disponibilità del Prof. possiamo condividere il video con tutti voi.

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Proprioceptive -Core Training

Primera Division Clausura

You can use theses exercises in a Individual Programm or Squad Programm
Training Elements:
Proprioceptive training
Core Training
Functional Strength Training
Training Tools:
Swiss Balls
Stability Pads
TRX Bands

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Individual Proprioceptive training-Strength

JUVENTUS FC ,Italy 2011-12

Juventus Preparation Period 2011-12
Trainer :Professor Roberto De Bellis (L'Allenamento dei Campioni)

Α self-improvement and reduction of muscle injury comes only through the work before one week training schedule.The trainer did not manage to give all those elements that require a high level soccer training, because no limitation in time as well as the coach must pass and tactical skills.

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Stability exercises (5)

This is great knee strengthening routine. Its a fairly advanced routine and I suggest you have a professional show you how before attempting it.
You can use these exercises in a Squad Program or Individual Programs before the training.

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EXCELLENT VIDEO Core Ability-Stability (3)

US PALERMO. Italy 2011-12

Il Primo Allenamento della stagione dei rosanero (Palermo)
4 Exercises on Bosu (Stability ball)
4 Exercises Core Endurance (Front Plank-Side-Back)
2 Exercises with thera-band
2 Exercises for Biceps ang Gluteus
Fantastic Exercises for Preparation Period and for the Real Season for Squad Program or for Individual programs