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Paul Gotsis - Soccer Conditioning Coach Asteras Tripolis fc Super League Greece

Δευτέρα, 9 Ιουλίου 2018

HIITraining in Soccer Sample (3) Potenza Aerobica (Metabolic Power Training)

Aerobic High Intensity Training with Technical Skills
We present the aerobic-anaerobic high intensity training :

15''-30''High Intensity Intermittent Training : 15'' Work Box to Box :72-75m Rest:Active Recovery Technical skills passing on pairs .In this video the author propose distance 80m in 15'' with active recovery 30'' ,8-10 repetitions Duration:6-7'min  2-4 Set .Rest Set :2-3'min .

15''-45'' High Intensity Intermittent Training : Run at high intensity more tha 18km/h from center circle to corner flag and return in 16'' the distance covered is 100 yard (91m) and the recovery in the circle is 44'', harte-rate is between (155-170b/1') .The players wears GPS monitors and we individualized the pace based the aerobic fitness level . (Both and in the 2 exercises you can adjust this distance depend the vVo2max of yours players e.x different distance for the player who has 17km/h vVo2max different distance for the player has 18km/h  with this ways you can seperate the team in groups depend the vVo2max ).

These methods can be followed in the Second or Third 
week in the Preparation Period  .For a team that the 
players are a long time with,I propose to make from
the second week this kind of training.

As you can see in the next table (Bucheit and Laursen 2013)
the desired metabolic and /or neuromascular load of the HIT
sessions with Short or Long Intervals .

All the Scientific approaches conclude that the
active recovery ,engage more the anaerobic mechanism

The most recently searches conclude that the best way
to improve the Vo2max and the anaerobic lactic acid
mechanism is ti use Long intervals especialy 2'min
92%vVo2max with 1'min Rec and 1'min 100%vVo2max
with 30'' rec and Short Intervals 20''-20'' ,15''-15'',10''-10''
15''-30'' ,15''-45'',10''-20'' 105-120%vVo2max .

Βibliography : Bucheit -Laursen "High-Intensity Interval Training ,Solutions
to the Programming Puzzle "
Yann Le Meur "French Institute of Sport ,Paris,France
Jornadas de actualizacion en rendimento deportivo Vittoria-Gasteiz
12th September 2015