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Paul Gotsis - Soccer Conditioning Coach Asteras Tripolis fc Super League Greece

Τετάρτη, 20 Ιουνίου 2018

HIITraining in Soccer Sample (2) Potenza Aerobica (Metabolic Power Training)

Specific endurance: Intermittent work and SSG in alternating reduced spaces

Specific resistance: intermittent work and games in alternating reduced spaces
What I propose to you today is a job we did at the beginning of November this year. The aim is to solicit the "specific resistance", ie the ability to sustain "repeatedly" high - intensity jobs.

First we divide the team into 2 groups that, alternatively, will perform the 2 proposals, one to "dry" and one through the use of the ball, which I will go to offer you.

The first proposal consists in performing an intermittent work 15 "- 15" on a 24mt shuttle run. Specifically, our players will have to perform in 15 "3 times the 24m or 72mt in 15" and then recover "passively" for another 15 ".

The second proposal consists in performing the exercises of 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 4 (depending on the players present) in a 30m x 30m space with a goal defended by the goalkeeper. The attacking team will have the task to make a goal in the goal defended by the goalkeeper while the team that defends, as soon as it recovers the ball, will have the goal to exceed the goal line behind the attackers having the opportunity to exploit the numerical superiority 5 vs 4 thanks to the goalkeeper.

As already explained at the beginning of the article, the work we performed consists in alternating the groups in the 2 proposals by performing 2 'of work and 2' of recovery. So a series is completed when the 2 groups have performed the 2 proposals. We have performed 3 complete series for a total of 24 'of work.
I noticed that in the last series the guys were really "tired" and struggled to maintain a high rhythm in the proposal with the ball. In this case I think it is preferable maybe at the end of the 2 series to give 30 "more recovery to keep up the pace.

Article :Resistenza Specifica :lavoro intermittente e partite in spazi ridotti alternati.
Preparatore Atletico ,Marco Benetton