Preparatore Atletico

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Paul Gotsis - Soccer Conditioning Coach Asteras Tripolis fc Super League Greece

Τρίτη, 21 Αυγούστου 2018

HIITraining in Soccer Sample (5) Potenza Aerobica (Metabolic Power Training)

Incorporate this High-Intensity workout into your routine to be fit as was Beckam
La Galaxy Fitness Coach Chris Neville has adapted the exact workout programme Beckham uses to stay on form to create a five week ,high intensity fitness plan you can squeeze into your daily lunch hour.Perform each workout twice during the week within your normal gym schedule ,moving on to the next workout each week.Leave at least 2 days rest between these cardio sessions to allow for recovery.

As you can see this fast Preparation Period of David Beckam is as a follow up from the others presentations and this is the plan that make enough teams in all the world at this time.The line is 5'min ,2'min ,1'min ,60m sprint with Change Direction,60m Sprints Linear .These exercises combined with S.G (Small-Medium-Large ) and B.P.G (Small -Medium-Large ) is a very nice and modern plan for a very well trained team.
By Mens Health posted on 04.09.2012