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Paul Gotsis - Soccer Conditioning Coach Asteras Tripolis fc Super League Greece

Τετάρτη, 26 Σεπτεμβρίου 2018

HIITraining in Soccer Sample (8) Potenza Metabolica (Metabolic Power Training)

Combination Physical Technical Circuit plus Intermittent Run

a.Physical -Technical Circuit with ball
b.Intermittent Run 5''/15''

I split the team in 2 groups.Τhe seperation was based on (M.A.S ).
I had 2 groups with  10-12 players.The one group followed the 
Physical and Tecnical Circuit and the other group the Intermittent Run
when finished ,they changed roles.
Physical Technical Circuit (Percorso a Circuito tecnico con palla) 
Distance 1 lap :90-95m ,Work :43-47'' Rest :15''-25'' Reps: 4-5 Set :2-4
Intermittent Run (Lavoro Intermittente )5''-15''
Distance :30-34m ,Work :5'' Rest :15''(Passive ) Reps :14 (usual 12) Set:2-4
Total distance :320-340 m.ave per player 14 reps:4.25''

Inside the use of GPS we understood that it is necessary
 to use exercises very similar to the game,in this way we can directly 
influence the physical condition of the players.With ball exercises
 I found out from my personal research that it is very difficult
 to achieve very high intensity for a long duration and with a 
consistent high heart rate.The importance of track use without the ball 
is from me very acceptable and important. For that reason I like to make 
mixed and integrated sessions (Fractionated work).

Using the metabolic power method, work (without ball) were carried out
 and tested on the intermittent and on the fartlek
because these forms of training greatly affect the improvement 
of the physical-athletic condition of the player, in relation to the evaluative
 parameters that emerges from the reading of the synoptic GPS data.

Conclusion :Ι decided to use 2 different exercises
(one with ball and one without) because I like to make a fixed training
with enough cardio work and metabolic power elements (85-92%fcmax
HIR ,SD,Sprints,Acc/Dec etc.)

Apollon Smyrnis ,Super League Greece Date:30.12.2017 
Soccer Conditioning Coach :Paul Gotsis