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Paul Gotsis - Soccer Conditioning Coach Asteras Tripolis fc Super League Greece

Σάββατο, 20 Οκτωβρίου 2018

HIITraining in Soccer Sample (10) Potenza Metabolica (Metabolic Power Training)

Integrated Exercise ( Esercitazione Integrata )
Aerobic Exercise, (circuit + 3v3 + Technique + Possession) and Maximal Run 25m

Video -Animation 

Divide the team into 2 groups and position them diagonally to the training field.
At the end of the time, the groups turn anti-clockwise.
At the bottom left is the coordinating circuit, the players will have to run the ladder, a wide lateral slalom, ladder changing exercise and finally jumping on foot joined inside the hoops + fast run at the end to start again .
Turning counter-clockwise we find the 3Vs3.
In this station you enter all the variants that are most congenial to you (touches, everyone must touch the ball etc.)
In the next one we find ourselves in the technical station, in this position the boys are positioned in cascade and perform analytical exercises of dribbling and pass.
In the last we find a simple possession of the ball. Also in this case you insert some variants if you need them.
In passing from one station and another, the players must make a length of at least 25 meters.

4-5 sets of 5 'each (45' 'work + maximum run for change exercise 25m + 1-2' rest)

Δευτέρα, 8 Οκτωβρίου 2018

HIITraining in Soccer Sample (9) Potenza Metabolica (Metabolic Power Training)

Modern mixed - training with and without ball

We divide the team into 4 groups. The activity consists of making two ball possessions between two teams (as seen in the drawing) during 2 '. At that moment, each possession group makes a complete return to the space, delimited by cones. In the first repetition, the lengths are jogging and the widths will be made at 90%, always starting the jog (long) side. Once the round is over, it is returned to the same box and another possession is made again among the same teams. At 2 'will return to give another full turn to space, but now the width will be at slow jog and the long at 90%, always starting the exercise at a slow jog (width).

Once the two possessions with the same groups are finished, there will be a rest of 2 'and the same will be done again but the possession will be between two different teams.
The work will end, when all the teams have faced each other 2 times. (6 reps).

Technical limitation of 3 touches per player.
If there are jokers in both possessions better, so that there is more fluidity in the game.
It will rest 2' when there is a change of equipment.
The images are ordered at the time of completion.
- Straight line = 90% intensity
- Curved line = slow jog
- Number 1 = Cone where each group begins.

Work time: 6 sets of 2'min per possession.
Rest between repetitions and after the running :30''
Rest time: 2 'after every 2 series.
Space: 2 boxes of 20x20m approx.
Players: 16-20 players.