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Paul Gotsis - Soccer Conditioning Coach Asteras Tripolis fc Super League Greece

Πέμπτη, 18 Ιουνίου 2015

Congress "Tracking and Training in Soccer" 12.06.2015 Juventus Stadium

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I would like to give congratulations to the organizing Committee of the Conference  for theexcellent organization of the Congress and for the further informations about training and  tracking (Gps)  in Modern Soccer.
Some from the most important notice  from the Congress ,I share with you.

Useful Informations-Notice from the Congress at the Juventus Stadium.

1. We have to create adjustments through training so that we can respond to peak or not peak (89-95% FCmax ) stimulations every 20sec.Its important the relationship between lactic acid mechanism e Vo2max. P.E di Prampero -Energetica della corsa in accelerazione .
2. The effectivenes of Force application is more important than the total amount of Force produced.As you can see and in the photo above , one runner 100m race improve his personal record without systematic heavy strength training but only with analyse his biomechanical motion .The conclusions who gave are   a).Importance of Horizontal GRF  b).Acceleration and Total GRF c).Hamstring eccentric Force and activation .  J.B Moron -Biomeccanica della corsa in accelerazione.
3.Total distance covered in Serie A at the year 2014-15 10.569+- 976m  min :8.122-max:13.079

Total Energy   min:41.2  max:62
High Speed Work (19km/h)  : 3% 10''sec ,65m on High intensity =10%  ,Total Energy in High Intensity =9%  M.Chrestani -Aspetti technologi del tracking tramite video
4.RSA=Repeated Sprint Ability  2-6''sec in High intensity work with 20''sec recuperation. E.Guerra -Test di sintesi per il profilo fisico globale del calciatore
5.French model of microcycle (week scedule) with more ball in the programms :80% with the ball   20% on the pitch without ball  C.Galtier AS Saint-Etienne  
6.1500m Running -9,7m/s Top speed,40 accelerations >3m/s/s ,500m sprinting  and 20''sec recovery between High intensity bouts
Marcello Laia-Marco Savino -Analisi del carico ed ottimizzazione della performance
7.Recovery is the most overlooked aspect of the training -Marcello Laia-Marco Savino

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